Capital Structure

    • Share Capital (as of December 31, 2018)

      733,534,879 shares outstanding

      Burn Rate Calculation

      The table below sets out the burn rate for each of the Corporation's equity compensation plans as of December 31 for each of the last three years.  The burn rate represents the total number of stock options and SUs granted during the year, divided by the weighted average number of Company shares outstanding during the year.





      Share Unit Plan




      Incentive Stock Option Plan




      2006 Incentive Stock Option Plan




      Insider shareholdings

      Shareholdings by insiders can be found on the following websites:

      Canada - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders
      Sweden - Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

      Exchange Rules

      The Company is also guided by the Rules and Regulations of the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange ("Exchange Rules") which form an integral part of the Listing Agreement between the Company and the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange. Details regarding the Exchange Rules can be found at  
    • Last C$5.57
      Previous Close C$5.94
      Day Range C$5.54 - C$5.90
      Change C$-0.37 (-6.23%)
      Year Range C$4.70 - C$9.21
      Volume 3,113,411
      Date/Time 2019-01-22 18:30 pm EST
    • Last SEK38.74
      Previous Close SEK40.12
      Day Range SEK38.38 - SEK40.14
      Change SEK-1.38 (-3.44%)
      Year Range SEK30.40 - SEK59.90
      Volume 854,062
      Date/Time 2019-01-22 18:35 pm EST
    • Listings

      TSX under the symbol: LUN
      Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol: LUMI

  • Dividends

    • 2018
      Dividend Declaration
      Record Date Payment Date Amount (CAD$)
      October 24 December 7

      December 19, 2018
      (common shares)

      December 20, 2018
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
      July 25 September 7

      September 19, 2018
      (common shares)

      September 20, 2018
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
      April 25 June 1

      June 19, 2018
      (common shares)

      June 20, 2018
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
      February 15 March 23

      April 11, 2018
      (common shares)

      April 12, 2018
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
    • 2017
      Dividend Declaration
      Record Date Payment Date Amount (CAD$)
      October 25 December 8

      December 20, 2017
      (common shares)

      December 21, 2017
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
      July 26 September 8

      September 20, 2017
      (common shares)

      September 21, 2017
      (Swedish Shareholders)

      $0.03 per share
      April 26 June 2

      June 20, 2017
      (common shares)

      On or about June 26, 2017
      (Holders of Swedish Depository Receipts)

      $0.03 per share
    • Dividends

      On November 30, 2016, the Company's Board of Directors approved a Dividend Policy. The Company's Dividend Policy anticipates paying four cash dividends per calendar year, the first declared with the release of year-end results; the second declared with the release of first quarter results; the third declared with the release of second quarter results; and the fourth declared with the release of the third quarter results. The declaration, timing, amount and payment of all dividends remain at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


      Notice to all Non-Canadian Resident Shareholders

      In 2012, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) changed how the tax withholding rate applied to dividend payments made to non-residents is determined. The CRA now requires a certification of residency from each shareholder so that the preferred tax treaty rate can be applied where applicable to persons resident in countries which have a tax treaty with Canada.

      Form NR301 will be mailed to all Registered non-resident shareholders by Computershare Investor Services Inc. In order to receive the preferred treaty rate, you must complete and mail back the form as soon as possible. Failure to supply a completed NR301 form will result in Computershare withholding the statutory 25% withholding tax rate on any payments to Registered non-resident shareholders. You can also download the form here. Instructions on how to correctly complete the NR301 are on the back of the form. Shareholders who hold their shares through a broker should contact their broker directly. They do not need to return a form to Computershare. Shareholders who have already completed Form NR301 do not need to complete a new form.

      Shares traded on Nasdaq Stockholm

      Dividend payments will be made net of 25% Canadian withholding tax and are subject to any other Canadian and Swedish taxes deemed applicable under Canadian and Swedish law. Shareholders who are entitled to reclaim Canadian and/or Swedish tax under applicable tax treaties should contact the CRA and the Swedish Tax Agency, respectively, directly. Shareholders who hold their shares through a nominee should contact their nominee.

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